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In this "Games vs Nazis" 7-day game jam entry, the player takes on the role of a vigilante who decides to go to town on all these Nazis that have been showing up! The player can identify Nazis using a device that monitors (simulated) social media posts that originate near their character. Players then attempt to identify the source of the posts - some of them will be from one or more Nazis in the area, who are prime targets for a punching. Avoid punching or bumping into bystanders - every act of violence increases public unrest! Escape the scene to start the next round.

Encounters and characters (including the player!) are procedurally generated for increased replayability.

Warning: this game depicts a simulation of social media acidity and of Nazis saying objectionable Nazi things. Foul language is also present. Discretion is advised.

Design, Artwork: Myles Wirth
Design, Programming, Audio: Ryan Alban

Install instructions

Download the zip file, unzip it, run the executables.


Nazis in Town Square.zip 7 MB


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Love the usage of the Wilhelm Scream.